Hair Services

Cutting & Styling

Hair Studio offers traditional hair and styling services found in any good salon. Our professional stylists will help you choose a style that looks great!

Hair Colour*

Virgin Colour (colour from the scalp ends)
Retouch (colour to areas of regrowth)
Highlighting (colour is selected and applied to various strands of hair)< /br> Lowlighting (adding colour strands for dimension and depth)
Bleach and Tone (lifting colour from the hair and adding a different colour)
Corrective Colour (any previous undesired colour that is in need of alteration)
Deposit Only Colour (deposits colour to the hair to enhance colour and add shine)

*Prices may vary depending on the length and condition of hair and the amount of product needed to achieve the desired results. All services include a finished style. Haircut is priced separately.

Hair and Scalp Treatments

Deep Conditioning (for hair that is lacking in moisture and/or protein)
Botanical Treatment (an Aveda exclusive treatment that is customized to your specific needs for your hair and scalp)